How to Generate Topics for Content Marketing

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When starting with a niche, you may find it difficult to come up with topics for your content marketing. To get ideas, take notes about what your prospects are talking about. This article covers specific points to create an effective content strategy.

Most professional marketers spout the importance of content marketing – creating original and relevant blogs, videos, and podcasts that provide prospects such value that they want to learn more about your business.

Content marketing is an effective form of marketing, especially when selling a service based on expertise. However, content marketing for its own sake will not produce results. It is important to choose the topics that connect with your niche and encourage them to act.

The best topics are the ones that directly address your niche’s primary pain points – the ones answering the questions that are top of mind and are a constant concern. Focus on things that your niche is curious about or even afraid of. And consider topics that would be top of mind for your prospect within 90 days of hiring you.