A Deep Analytic Perspective of the 2022 Market Correction

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The U.S. stock market corrected during the first half of 2022, especially during the second quarter, causing widespread panic. While nobody can reliably predict the future, we can gain a historical perspective using deep analytics, a patented technology developed by my firm, Andes Wealth Technologies.

I will demonstrate how financial advisors can combine behavioral finance and deep analytics to have a robust conversation with clients during financial turmoil, showing compassion and understanding on the one hand, while telling a compelling long-term story on the other hand.

How bad has it been?

When a client calls in a panic, first show that you understand, starting with the obvious, which is the daily price chart.

Figure 1. Market movement of the S&P 500 Index for the one-year period ending 06/17/2022

Source: Yahoo! Finance.