Relationship Marketing: Scaling the “Know, Like, Trust” Factor

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This is an update to an article that originally was published in August 2020.

Relationship marketing is a tried-and-true way to develop strong connections with customers and enhance satisfaction and customer loyalty. But relationship marketing is generally done on a small scale between you and one or a few customers at a time.

How can you put the “know, like, trust” element of relationship marketing to work for your business at scale?

You are in the business of helping people on a personal level, and you know that cultivating strong relationships matters more than anything. This isn’t a struggle for you. If you weren’t a people person, you would have chosen a different career path. You may have the foundations covered, but growing a business is different from making friends or being well-known. Getting someone to trust you with their financial decisions goes beyond just being friendly; they have to really trust you.

To grow your business, you can’t rely on your personality alone to carry you through; instead, you need to intentionally and systematically ensure more of your ideal prospects can get to know, like, and trust you every day.

Activating the “know, like, trust” factor

The concept is basic, but there is a lot more to “know, like, trust” than you might have considered. Essentially, it represents the journey that your potential client makes when they are getting to know you and your professional brand.