Venerated Voices™ 2021 Rankings

Advisor Perspectives, a leading publisher and ranked as the #1 eNewsletter for financial advisors by Erdos & Morgan “FAMOUS” Study in 2019, 2020, and 2021, has announced its Venerated Voices awards for commentaries published in 2021. Rankings were issued in four categories: The Top 25 Venerated Voices by Firm and Author, the Top 10 Venerated Voices by Commentary, and a The Top 25 Venerated Voices by Firm and Author by Count.

The first three categories require a minimum of four posts annually and the fourth requires 12 posts.

The most popular topics in 2021 among all commentaries were related to broad market trends, including equity valuations, the risk of a recession and housing prices.

Leading the Top 25 Venerated Voices by Firm category was Hussman Funds of Maryland, followed by Mauldin Economics of Dallas. In third place was GMO of Boston.

Among individual commentators, the most-widely read was Ben Inker of GMO. In second place was John Hussman of Hussman Funds followed by John Mauldin of Mauldin Economics in third place.

The most-widely read commentary of 2021, published on April 29, was Bitcoin Is An Ecological And Monetary Disaster And It Happens To Be Worth Zero. by James Rasteh of Coast Capital. Ratesh detailed reasons why Bitcoin is a worthless form of currency. Some reasons include its volatility, fraudulent activity, its severely negative econological impact, and its concentration risk. A great quote from Ratesh:

The problem is that currencies need to be stable to be usable – and Bitcoin is over 10,000 times more volatile than any western currency. When presented with this fact in a recent interview, Mr. Saylor retorted that ‘volatility is vitality’2 - which may be the most absurd claim in the history of finance. You might as well say death is breath…

When Is The Next Bear Market? 3-Things Will Tell You took second place and was written by Lance Roberts at Real Investment Advice and published on August 20. His piece described his top three items that predict bear markets and recessions “with some accuracy.” In addition to those three indicators, a catalyst is necessary to cause a change in sentiment. Roberts claimed these indicators are the yield curve, Fed rate hikes, and the Fed taper.