A Prospect’s Wake-Up Call Happens on Their Timeframe, Not Yours

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I’ve been stubborn about my health for decades. Okay, I’ll admit stubborn is too nice of a word.

Stupid is more accurate.

Before you tell me to speak more nicely, hear me out.

I’ll be 40-years old soon. I recently talked with a friend similar in age who had to make a life change to protect his health. This prompted me to get a gigantic blood test.

At the testing center, the phlebotomist went over my order. The doctor sighed and then unenthusiastically said, “Hmm. You’re getting a lot done today. This is gonna take a while.”


But that was right. I had never seen so many vials of my own blood before – let alone any blood.

After a while I received my results. Everything was the opposite of where it should have been; markers that should have been low were high, and vice versa. Concerned, I tracked my blood pressure over the next few days. It was consistently high.