Three Easy Ways to Show a Prospect You're Listening

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Advisors are so worried about what to say to prospects, they run around spending all kinds of time and money and getting stressed about it.

Forget all that.

Instead of trying to come up with your own words or using the blasted gibberish that everyone tells you to say, repeat the prospect’s words back to them in the following three ways.

1. Repeating the soothing keyword

I’ll explain this one through a simple comparison. Tell me which conversion, A or B, will have Antonio's full attention.

Convo A

Me: When are you going to get Raul to come over with the drill and fix the bathroom window?

Antonio: Oh, he’s busy with a job he’s working at the art gallery. He only goes in a couple times a week and then he works at another place in the Bronx a few other days a week.