JJ Walker and the Stoking of the Medicare Frenzy

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We’re in the middle of the “Annual Medicare Frenzy.” Truly, I wish we could re-name the Annual Election Period.

This time of year means lots of things to lots of people. The commercials on TV are in high gear, postcards are filling up in mailboxes and the Medicare call centers are out in full force.

Consumers are stressed. Even if they are not enrolled into the Medicare system, they’re stressed! They truly believe that they have something to do during this “open enrollment” even if they are turning 65 in a year.

They have nothing to do.

They’re not enrolled into the system. How could there be anything for them to do…!

But the marketing wins. It raises the antennae on every person close to or enrolled in Medicare.


We’re stressed. The phone lines blow up. People become impatient. Their particular drug plan with their one generic medication is far more important than anyone else’s and they need immediate answers on October 15 even though the final day to file a plan change is December 7.

(Being facetious here.)

We can use some Zen Medicare moments – please be kind to your agents.