Should You Buy a Medicare Plan from Joe Namath?

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It was big news last fall when Joe Namath was on the airwaves promoting his “excellent, free” Medicare plan with all of those bells and whistles that he, himself was being offered as a Medicare beneficiary! Call this 800 number and you can have one, too.

Listen carefully to each of his words, as we do, and technically things were correct. But do you think the average consumer could properly evaluate Namath’s plan?

No way.

I received plenty of calls asking, “Is it really true?”

Yes, it is. But, let’s talk through the parts of the commercial that were left out.

Let’s tackle the highlights

You will often hear me refer to the fact that there are two choices when it comes to Medicare coverage: Medicare Advantage plans, also known as “Part C,” and Medicare supplements, which I refer to as Medigap plans.

What is Medicare Advantage? It is the plan that Joe is talking about.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services defines Medicare Advantage plans as an “all-in-one” alternative to original Medicare. These bundled plans typically include Part A, Part B, and part D. Medicare Advantage plans are often called Part C, MAPD (which is Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans), zero-premium plans, the private Medicare alternative etc.