Lessons in Marketing Magic

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A few years back, I was walking through downtown St. Augustine. Every storefront was competing for my attention with signs, specials, and even employees trying to drum up attention.

I passed several with no intention of stopping. But one man in front of a nondescript shop caught my attention.

"Wanna see a magic show?"

It wasn’t just Florida; it was summer in Florida. A few minutes in an air-conditioned room sounded great. The magic show was small but special.

I walked in to find a small crowd of people off the street. An employee stood up shortly and the show began.

He opened a wallet that burst into flames. He made a dollar float in mid-air. And no magic show would be complete without card tricks. I began to recognize what was happening.

This wasn’t just a magic show.

A process was in motion, beginning with me strolling by the shop and ending with me spending an embarrassing amount of money (I’ll tell you how much later, so you don’t judge me too harshly).

It was a perfect example of the “AIDA” model in sales.

It has four simple steps:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

I want to walk through how that formula worked at the magic shop, and how you can apply a similar approach to marketing your advisory firm.