Deliver a Successful Medicare Enrollment Season – What’s New for 2021

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The commercials fire up far before October. Remember the old Joe Namath commercial about the best Medicare plans on the planet? The phones ring incessantly for your client.

Your clients hate it.

They dread it. It’s a stressful time. They’re confused even further. They wonder, “Am I making a mistake ignoring the hoopla? Should I be doing something since everybody else seems to be? Can I believe what I hear from my friends, colleagues and family? Can I believe what I hear on TV?”

My experience is that 80% of the people who should be making some change during the season will tune out the entire Medicare hoopla that the annual election period (AEP) brings. But, unfortunately for them, they’ll find out in January of the New Year that they should have paid attention to the Medicare season.

What exactly is Medicare’s annual election period ? It technically runs from October 15 until December 7 when insurance carriers notify consumers about changes being made to their plans for the following year. Every agent under the sun is calling consumers to get them to change plans.

It’s the time when insurance companies and the industry can make a lot of money, thus the commercials, the phone calls and more.

The good part of AEP? The intelligent consumer can use it as a tune up. If something didn’t work well with their medical or prescription coverage, it is the time zone where you can address your concerns. Your coverage didn’t work like you thought it did when you made your initial selection into the Medicare system? It’s your time to see if you can get a do-over.

If the AEP season is approached with information and organization, it becomes a semi-welcomed event each year.