The Five Worst Copywriting Bloopers

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Good copy can distinguish your website – 38% of your website visitors will leave if they find your content unattractive. For a lot of prospects, your firm’s website is going to be their very first impression of you and your company. It’s crucial to make that first impression the best you possibly can.

If you’re struggling to convert leads or have a high bounce rate, your website copy might be at fault. Be wary of these five common copywriting mistakes I often see advisors make on their websites.

1. It’s not compelling and specific

This copywriting blunder is to-the-point: The copy is not interesting and/or not specific enough to your firm. Visitors develop a first impression of your website in only 50 milliseconds; that means you have an insanely short amount of time to grab their attention, keep it, and convince them that the services you offer are worth their time.