How the Holiday Spirit Can Generate More Clients

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I associate one word with the holidays – warmth. While I do love sipping wine by a warm fire during the cold months, I’m referring to the good cheer between strangers, time with family, and especially the warm feelings you get when you give the perfect gift and the recipient is elated. It feels good, right? To give and make others happy?

Let this “season of giving” inspire your financial advisor marketing strategy in 2020. Being generous to your prospects is an extremely effective way to turn them into clients. It may seem counterintuitive to freely share your knowledge and shower your prospects with valuable information. But being helpful, while not directly asking for anything in return, creates warm feelings, builds a trusting relationship and establishes credibility. These are powerful motivators for prospects to become your clients.

What happens when you stop being a Scrooge and act like Santa

Before working with a client, my firm performs an in-depth roadmapping session. The first step is to look at what they’re already doing to see if we can improve those results before trying new strategies and adding cost.

For example, one client came to us because she wanted to generate more leads. During our roadmapping session, we discovered that her lead-generation strategy was very effective, and she had built an email list of over 500 qualified leads. However, even after multiple follow-up emails, her conversion-to-appointment rate was only 2%. She reasoned that since such a small amount were taking action, she needed more leads to get more clients.