Revisiting the Six Traditional Ways to Find New Clients

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In my previous article, The Importance of Finding Your Ideal Clients, I talked about how important it is to know who you best serve and what types of people and personalities are right for your firm. Then I asked you to write down some details about your ideal client.

With that information in hand, let’s determine how to reach those people and find new clients to grow your financial advisory firm.

Digital versus analog marketing

Much of the marketing advice small business owners get focuses on digital marketing, which can be an effective and valuable way to find clients. By leveraging savvy digital marketing strategies, you can use social media to engage with your local market, search engine optimization (SEO) to attract local people looking for your services, content marketing to showcase your expertise, and digital advertising to target specific audiences that fit your ideal client profile.

But many financial advisors find success with more traditional ways of connecting with prospective clients locally. After all, no matter how much we’ve grown to love and depend on technology, a lot can be said for the way business has been done for generations.

Ideally, your strategic plan to find new clients will incorporate both online and offline marketing methods. In fact, with the right approach, you will find that online marketing can enhance your offline marketing efforts.

Six traditional marketing methods to find new clients

Whether you are new or a veteran financial professional looking to grow your book of business, you will want to consider the best possible approach to finding new clients. Rather than spreading yourself thin with a broad approach, think carefully about which client-attraction methods you enjoy most and get good at one tactic before trying too many others.