The Importance of Finding Your Ideal Client

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As a financial advisor, you strive to be a pillar of your community, serving your local market with pride. Because you are committed to helping people reach their financial goals, you are constantly on the lookout for the best ways to raise your profile, gain visibility and grow your book of business, primarily in your local area.

Not everyone in your local area will be a good fit for your business. You need to strategically think about who you serve best before you go knocking on every door in town.

Who are the clients you want to find?

Before you look for new clients, identify exactly the type of client you want for your business and learn to recognize “red flags” to avoid.

The most successful financial advisors specialize in helping a particular segment of the market, which allows you to focus your expertise and your search for new clients.

Young professionals and retirees not only have different financial goals and needs, but they also congregate in different places. If you work with high-net-worth individuals, their needs will differ from middle-class clients and you will connect with them in different ways. Think carefully about who you serve and that will inform where to look for them.