An Unexpected Way to Generate Leads

As a financial advisor turned digital-marketing consultant, I know how hard it is to get leads and new clients. That is why you’ll be surprised at this simple way to quickly generate more leads.

Opt-in text messages open up lead-generation possibilities and collect leads from some of the most unexpected places. I have worked with an advisor who boosted leads by 15-20 times what they were getting.

Skeptical? Keep reading to see how I am working with this advisor to increase leads through opt-in texts and 10 simple ways you can quickly add this tactic to your business.

The game-changing results of opt-in texts

My mission is to find the most cost- and time-efficient manner to grow my clients’ practices. That’s why, when creating a marketing roadmap, I spend so much time getting to know my clients and their unique goals and struggles. This saves my clients thousands of dollars and hours that trial-and-error marketing causes.

I bring this up because during a road-mapping session with one client, I discovered that she gives several keynote speeches per year, gets a ton of exposure through interviews and frequently appears in Barron's. Those in-person appearances and interviews are a great way to build her brand. So, in the spirit of efficiency, I wanted to leverage and maximize those existing opportunities into leads and clients for her.