Why Advisor Brochures Stink

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I cannot think of a bigger waste of money than advisor marketing brochures. They stink. Here’s how to create collateral that the recipient will actually read.

Why advisor brochures stink

You advisors are killing me with your marketing brochures. Let me guess; I haven’t see yours, but it probably goes something like this:

  • Our story – our firm was founded by some person 20 years ago who decided he/she wanted to save the world.
  • Our values – we have integrity and always put the client first. Aren’t we sweet?
  • About us – our principals have a combined experience of 2,000 years. Insert pictures of everyone sitting beaming in their Hugo Boss suits.
  • Our services – we offer comprehensive financial planning and a variety of other advisor cliché terms that mean nothing to the client because they are so vague
  • Insert a few cheesy stock photos of the retired couple drinking wine on the beach or on a boat. Probably the same ones on your website.

This brochure stinks.


Because it’s 100% about you and 0% about them. Where does the client come in – did I not get the memo? Remember those awful first dates when the person on the opposite side of the table won’t stop blathering about him/herself without letting you get a word in edgewise?

It is literally the same effect.

Consider that the advisor shells out a minimum of $2,000 to design one of these things, not to mention the cost of printing and mailing them. Honestly I would rather see you take the money and go to Las Vegas because at least then there is shot of doing some good for yourself. You may as well take the money and throw it in the trash pail because that is exactly where these things go within three hours of the client receiving them.