Three Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Business Page

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Facebook business pages offer you a valuable avenue to communicate with your clients, prospects and centers of influence.  A business page provides you with a way to connect with people interested in your business without having to connect with them using your personal profile.  You also receive a public page that any Facebook user can see and that you can promote on your website and blog.  If you are not familiar with Facebook business pages, I suggest you read my previous article, How to Setup a Facebook Business Page.

Kristen Luke

Many times advisors don’t know what to do with their Facebook business pages once they create them.  Like any other social networking site, in order to be effective you must be active.  This means regularly updating your business page with content.  For this reason, Facebook business pages work well for advisors who regularly produce and post content such as blogs, podcasts and videos.  If, however, you don’t regularly produce content or if you are looking to further improve your profile, here are three simple things you can do to enhance your page.

Post your newsletter

If you send an e-newsletter or post a PDF version of your print newsletter to your website, you can include the newsletter on your business page.  To do this, copy the url for your e-newsletter or PDF and post it to your wall.  Your Facebook fans will see the link to your newsletter in their news feed and will be able to click through to view the original newsletter.  Not only does this add content to your page, it extends the reach of your newsletter to people who may not be on your mailing list.

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