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Advisor Case Study Series: Insight #1

March 01, 2022 | Schwab Advisor Services

Brad Goodwin’s transition to independence isn’t just a great story to tell, it’s a case study in overcoming fears. He made the leap of faith in one of the most turbulent times possible – and it couldn’t have paid off better for his clients and his firm, San Luis Wealth Advisors. Today, he says he has the control and flexibility to choose the technology and software that will streamline his business, and that his only regret is not making the switch sooner.*

Transitioning business models can be a daunting idea. Doing it in the middle of uncertain times only makes it more intimidating. That’s where Schwab’s Advisor Services team can help. Our goal is to ensure everyone comes out on the other side better equipped for the future.

Brad’s story covers key findings about going independent in today’s world, including:

  • What is the tipping point, and whether you should wait until then to make the switch
  • How turbulent times could set you up for a successful transition, not a tough climb
  • What life is like on the other side of independence
  • His advice on why you shouldn’t wait to call Schwab

To read more about Brad’s story and hear his advice on why you should look forward to – not fear – transitioning to the independent RIA model, follow the link below.

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