Sectors & Active Management with Dave Nadig and Matthew Bartolini

Investors and market watchers have all kinds of ways to understand the market, but one powerful tool remains a sector approach. By comparing various sectors available in ETFs, investors can toggle between parts of the economy based on headlines, fundamentals, or even momentum. In the latest edition of the VettaFi Viewpoints video series, VettaFi financial futurist Dave Nadig sat down with Matt Bartolini, head of SPDR Americas Research at SPDR ETFs, to discuss.

The pair touched on a variety of bigger questions including the rise of active investing this year, how to approach the variety of investing sectors, what research sectors investing leans on, and more. The two also took a swing at looking ahead at the rate and inflation picture as well as what sectors might stand out in the near to medium term.

Bartolini has worked at SPDR ETFs for more than 14 years serving in his most recent role since 2019. He began his time in the industry at Amundi Pioneer prior to joining State Street.

Bartolini, Nadig Talk Sectors

0:45: Give me the TikTok narrative on ETFs in 2023

1:30: What’s holding flows back from coming into ETFs like previous years?

2:00: Active total return strategies getting real flows

2:45: The active passive debate – is this time different?

3:30: Derivative based vs. defined outcome type ETFs in active

4:15: The actual activeness of defined outcome or buffer products

5:00: Bartolini’s chart focus on sectors – which are up, which are down

5:30: The advantages of leaning on a sector approach

6:30: Isn’t the current market just a tech vs. non-tech battle, though?

7:00: Sectors offering diversification

8:00: Bartolini detailing the sector approach

8:45: Using traditional qualitative or quantitative approaches to sectors

9:15: What’s interesting or over its skis based on the sector scorecard?

10:00: The expensive nature of tech and consumer discretionary

11:00: What’s your take on the rate picture?

12:00: Facing strong labor markets while trying to hit 2% in perpetuity

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