VettaFi Viewpoints: Nadig & Straus Talk Canadian vs. U.S. ETFs

The world of U.S. ETFs is a busy one, with new funds, structures, and trends emerging every day. The ETF landscape in the United States has changed dramatically in the last few years and in the last decade. That’s a lot to take in, but sometimes it’s helpful to look abroad to gain some perspective — and U.S. investors don’t have to look too far to learn from the world of Canadian ETFs.

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As part of a trip to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, VettaFi financial futurist Dave Nadig sat down with National Bank Financial’s Daniel Straus, head of the bank’s ETF research & strategy group in a discussion titled: “Home Bias, Yield Hunters & Thematics: The Canadian Perspective.” The duo engaged in a wide-ranging discussion comparing the U.S. and Canadian ETF landscapes and what each ETF community can learn from the other. Straus joined National Bank Financial in 2010, focusing on ETFs from the time he joined and into his new leadership role.

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Canadian ETFs

1:00: What are the biggest learning points between Canadian and U.S. ETF landscapes?

2:00: What makes the Canadian ETF market distinctly Canadian?

3:15: How do Canadian ETF rules engender more ETF creativity?

4:30: Canadian vs. U.S. financial regulators

5:45: Are there any lessons Canadian ETF types can learn from the U.S. ETF world?

6:30: Canadian vs. U.S. ETF tax efficiency

9:00: Active ETFs in Canada take up 25% of AUM.

11:30: Were active and covered call Canadian ETFs rewarded in March 2020?

12:15: Canadian cultural differences, yield, and covered call strategies

14:15: Does the return of yield in rates, dividends, and elsewhere change Canadian appetite for equity/volatility yield?

16:00: Have ETFs penetrated the Canadian retail market more than the U.S. retail market, and if so, why?

18:00: What keeps the Canadian retail ETF investor investing in Canadian vs. U.S. ETFs?

20:00: The value of being hyperlocal in as large a country as Canada

20:45: Canadians care where they bank — and bank ETFs benefit.

22:30: Have fixed income ETFs like global bond funds exploded in Canada as they have in the U.S.?

23:45: Canadian use of multi-asset ETFs, and Vanguard’s conservative, moderate, and growth ETFs

25:30: Home bias, tax issues, and tax innovation in Canadian ETFs and dividends

28:15: What has Straus excited for good or for ill in the Canadian ETF landscape?

29:30: The challenge of making a pure-play thematic portfolio

31:00: The dangers of single-stock thematic vs. thematic ETF investing

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