VettaFi Viewpoints: Nadig & Reverend Tuck on Community

What does it mean to live a meaningful life and find community? Financial advisors often have to consider their clients’ vision for their lives in their work, but it’s a question for everyone. Investment decisions, in many ways, are means towards meaning.

VettaFi’s financial futurist Dave Nadig spoke at length with Reverend Michael Tuck on the topic of finding meaning for this video. The pair discussed community as a central pillar of meaning and how community has changed before and after the pandemic. They also touch on lessons from religious tradition as well as asking whether community is possible when just self-selecting into affinity groups.

Tuck, an Episcopal priest in Lenox, Massachusetts, Tuck studied Theology and Pastoral Studies at the College of the Resurrection in the U.K. Through his ministry, Tuck has focused on people’s stories and how that helps them understand themselves, per a Tedx Talk Berkshires, he gave in 2016. Tuck has previously cited Dungeons and Dragons as an example of one source of community and storytelling.

Show Notes — Community and Meaning

0:30: What does it mean to have a meaningful life in 2023?

2:30: Did the pandemic and lockdowns change what relationships mean for us?

4:00: The loss of common time together impacting community

6:00: What can our society do to form community?

9:30: How can we encourage people to reach out to someone they don’t know?

11:45: Can institutions learn from what people prioritized most in the pandemic?

13:00: Performing communion service over Zoom – or not

16:00: How did online gatherings in the pandemic translate to a post-vaccine world?

18:00 What can be taken from the religious setting for people who are not religious but are looking for meaning?

21:00 Can we really encounter the other just by self-selecting into affinity groups?

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