The Hidden Opportunity in “Secondaries”

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About This Episode

Private equity and venture capital funds have consistently outperformed public markets. But beyond those funds, there is a more specialized approach for investors to capitalize on the private markets: secondary transactions, often known as “secondaries.” My guest today, Andrew Krei, will navigate through the complexities of this dynamic sector, highlighting its potential rewards for investors seeking alternative paths for capital growth. He will also discuss the trends and advantages that the secondaries market offers over traditional PE or VC investments.

About Our Guest

Andrew Krei is co-chief investment officer for Crescent Grove Advisors, working closely the Crescent Grove investment committee to build and maintain a high-quality, open-architecture investment platform.

In addition to his work on investment sourcing and due diligence, Andrew works with institutional and individual clients to develop and implement investment portfolios tailored to their unique circumstances and needs. Andrew is also a frequent contributor to various financial media outlets.

Prior to joining Crescent Grove Advisors as an equity partner, Andrew was responsible for investment research at Cedar Street Advisors, a boutique wealth management organization catering to highly affluent clients. In this role, Andrew led or supported the firm’s investment due diligence efforts.

Andrew has attained his CFA designation and is a member of the CFA Society Milwaukee. He received his BA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Andrew currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he and his wife, Margaret, are actively involved with several nonprofit organizations. In his free time, Andrew enjoys travel, trying new restaurants, supporting the Bucks and playing golf competitively.

Show Notes

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