The Power of RILAs in Retirement Planning

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About This Episode

With nearly 4.5 million Americans turning 65 in 2024, advisors are navigating four core risks that will impact their portfolios in retirement: longevity, inflation, volatility, and emotions. We will discuss new research by Dr. Wade Pfau, professor at The American College of Financial Services. He did this research on behalf of Equitable to look at how to improve the efficient frontier, enhance risk-adjusted returns and help advisors – and their clients – make the most of their assets through their retirement.

The research looks at the role of a registered index linked annuity (RILA) with lifetime income for a portion of a portfolio and the resulting impact on meeting lifetime spending goals, preserving assets and managing volatility as part of an overall retirement plan.

About Our Guest

Dr. Wade D. Pfau is a professor at The American College of Financial Services and is the founder of Retirement Researcher, an educational resource for individuals and financial advisors on topics related to retirement income planning. He is a co-founder of the Retirement Income Style Awareness tool and a co-host of the Retire with Style podcast. He also serves as a principal and the director of retirement research for McLean Asset Management.

Pete Golden is managing director and chief sales and distribution officer for individual retirement at Equitable. He is responsible for Equitable’s internal and external wholesalers as well as the team that oversees the company’s relationships with wirehouses, independents, regionals, banks, career agency and P&C insurers.

Show Notes

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