Recession Likely in the First Half of 2024

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About This Episode

From March 2022 to July of this year, the Fed raised rates by 500 basis points. But the economy has done well this year, with GDP growth of 2.0%, 2.1% and 5.2% in the first three quarters. Does that mean the lagged impacts of the Fed's aggressive monetary tightening cycle will be fully felt in the year ahead? Is a second wave of inflation remains a major risk? The answers to those questions have implications for equities as the economic environment is likely to be volatile.

About Our Guest

Jeff Schulze is a managing director and the head of economic and market strategy at ClearBridge Investments, overseeing capital market and economic research and contributing thought leadership on these topics to the institutional investor and financial advisor communities.

He is the architect of the firm’s Anatomy of a Recession (AOR) program, which features a dashboard of 12 indicators tracking shifts in the U.S. economy that could signal increased recession risk. AOR has attracted a loyal following of over 100,000 financial professionals in both the U.S. and globally by providing timely analysis of the connection between equity markets and the economy, findings Jeff presents at investment industry and client events.

Show Notes

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