The Future of AI in the Advisory Profession

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About This Episode

We are speaking on November 3, but the big headline for 2023 has already been written. This will be the year of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Not only have AI and ML driven the soaring valuations of stocks like NVDIA, but they have also demonstrated the potential to increase the efficiency of advisory practices.

My guest today will provide an update on the latest in AI/ML and how solutions such as ChatGPT will positively impact financial professionals. Prepare to be informed, inspired, and equipped with the knowledge to navigate the exciting horizons that lie ahead.

About Our Guest

Clayton Chandler is the chief security, privacy and data officer at Osaic. Osaic was formerly known as Advisor Group prior to its rebranding earlier this year.

In his role, Clayton is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive and proactive information security and privacy strategy that drives business decisions and protects Osaic and its affiliated financial professionals. Because of the importance that privacy and security play in data collection, protection, and usage, Clayton oversees all three elements. He also leads the internet security and privacy (ISPS) subcommittee of the risk committee.

Career summary

Clayton brings 15 years of experience to his role, including his skills in protecting organizations from internal and external threats. He has led global, multidisciplinary teams in the design, development and operation of world-class security services. He has a proven track record of reducing companies’ exposure to security, compliance, fraud, and cyber threats and increasing resiliency against cyber, fraud, and physical disruption for both companies and their clients.

Clayton joined Osaic most recently from Credit Suisse, where he worked as chief information security officer and global head of cyber security as well as Americas head of technology security. Earlier, Clayton worked at the National Security Agency as technical director for high performance data analysis, and at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a research scientist.


Clayton earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and his Master of Science degree in mathematics and statistics, both from Louisiana Tech University. He also earned his Ph. D. in computational analysis and modeling from Louisiana Tech University.

Show Notes

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