Journey to Independence

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“I think loyalty is another piece. I have a deep loyalty to my clients, as does my team to their clients. So, the idea that we're trying to do right by our clients as human beings – that's the most important thing; I think that also is in the military values as well.” – Lucila Williams

After turning down law school to become a financial professional, Lucila knew not becoming an attorney was the second most important decision she ever made. As for the most important decision – she credits a female mentor who took her under her wing and showed her the value of the independent space. Don’t miss this episode of Cambridge Stronger as Lucila shares how she manages her business and how she discovered a service need for her niche clientele. She also highlights how she discusses legacy planning with clients, and the importance of playing to her clients’ unique needs. As a Veteran who served as a Korean linguist for five years, Lucila walks listeners through her time in the Army and what ‘superpowers’ she learned and continues to leverage today.

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