The Future of Private Equity for the RIA Profession

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About This Episode

Private equity has backed many of the recent acquisitions in the RIA profession. Indeed, approximately 77% of transactions in the first quarter of this year involved private-equity funding. Many of the largest acquirers are backed by PE firms, including Mariner, Carson, Mercer, Focus, Savant, Pathstone and the Wealth Exchange Group. When evaluating a PE-backed acquirer, there are a few things to consider, including possible drawbacks and how it will impact the future of your firm.

About Our Guest

John Furey is the managing partner of Advisor Growth Strategies (AGS).

AGS is a management consulting and transaction advisory firm exclusively for financial advisory firms and institutions looking to aggressively grow or solve a key management challenge. Since its founding in 2009, John and his team have consulted with 300+ firms nationwide representing over $450 billion in investable assets.

John started Advisor Growth Strategies to do what he loves professionally – help business owners advance their financial advisory firms. His professional goal is to improve business management within the wealth management industry. Since the inception of Advisor Growth, John has worked with over 300 firms representing $400+ billion in investable assets. AGS has been trusted to help with some of the most important strategic decisions in the lifecycle of advisory including structuring new entities, optimizing business performance, and transaction advisory.

In addition to working with clients, John spends his time collaborating with the industry’s brightest minds to advance the wealth management profession. He conceptualized and created aRIA (alliance for Registered Advisors), a think tank made up of seven of the most successful industry firms dedicated to improve the RIA industry through a culture of continuous learning and sharing. Learn more about aRIA at a conference or by reading an industry report.

Show Notes

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AGS’ annual report, the RIA Deal Room, which shares real-time, data-driven M&A industry trends looking at the mechanics underlying transactions -

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