The All-Weather Approach for an Unpredictable Future

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About This Episode

Standpoint is an investment firm focused on providing all-weather investment solutions to U.S. financial advisors. An all-weather approach is an asset allocation methodology that diversifies across geographic regions, asset classes, and investment styles. The goal of this multi-layered diversification is to shield investors from the pitfalls of concentrated investing by relying on thoughtful preparation rather than unreliable predictions.

About Our Guest

Eric Crittenden is the co-founder and chief investment officer of Standpoint, and portfolio manager of the Standpoint Multi-Asset Fund (BLNDX/REMIX).

The firm’s approach is driven by decades of experience focusing on systematic investment strategies across equities, futures, and bonds. The Standpoint strategy is built on the strong belief that investors are best able to maintain discipline, and stay invested, when holding portfolios that combine alternative and traditional assets in a manner that maximizes capital-efficiency and diversification.

Show Notes

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