Intersection of Social Media & Financial Markets

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On this episode of ETF Prime, host Nate Geraci speaks with a pair of individuals he met through Twitter. His guests include Fortune Financial’s Lawrence Hamtil and special guest “Ramp Capital.” The trio discusses Twitter, market conditions, launching ETFs, and several other topics.

Thoughts on Twitter

Geraci begins by delving into the importance of Twitter in the lives and experiences of both Hamtil and Ramp. They both express how Twitter has played a significant role in their personal and professional successes.

Ramp gained substantial traction during the meme stock revolution, with many of his tweets going viral and contributing to the growth of his account. Ramp now has over 350K followers on Twitter.

Hamtil, on the other hand, utilizes Twitter to create unique and insightful content that sets him apart from other advisory firms. He believes that many firms tend to focus on generic content, while he aims to provide an in-depth analysis of often overlooked topics. The guests unanimously agree that Twitter serves as an excellent platform for making valuable connections.

According to Ramp, “The true power of Twitter lies in the relationships you build.”

In addition, the conversation touches on the future of Twitter and the recent release of Threads, sparking further insights from the trio.

Launching ETFs

The discussion shifts gears as Geraci inquiries about the possibility of Hamtil and Ramp launching their own ETFs, given their substantial social connections and followings.

Ramp acknowledges that individuals in the industry have approached him previously regarding the idea of creating his own ETF. He mentions funds like the Meet Kevin Pricing Power ETF (PP) and the AdvisorShares Gerber Kawasaki ETF (GK) as examples individuals have mentioned to him in the past. He also says the conversations he had never materialized into anything substantial. Ramp also emphasizes the challenges he sees with growing AUM significantly with such a fund.

On the other hand, Hamtil reveals that he has seriously considered launching an ETF, particularly a multifactor strategy ETF. He also highlights the potential for a quality-value ETF, given the current economic environment.

“I think you can make a pretty good case for a ‘QVLUE,’ a quality value ETF,”‘ said Hamtil.

However, Hamtil admits that he has not pursued this avenue extensively as his primary focus remains on the clients he serves in his daily work.

The compliance rules and restrictions surrounding ETF marketing are also addressed, with all three participants acknowledging the need for improvements to support individuals in marketing these products. Moreover, the group engages in a lively discussion about the future of ETFs and the possibility of wider adoption.

Financial Markets

Geraci leads a conversation about the state of financial markets, covering a multitude of topics. Hamtil expresses uncertainty about the market direction considering the current economic climate, despite recent positive results. In contrast, Ramp predicts the markets will reach new highs this year. That said, he remains surprised by the continued rally even amidst significant hikes by the Federal Reserve.

Ultimately, the group eagerly awaits how the markets will unfold, and each of them shares their individual strategies on how they are going about this market.

What About Crypto?

As the ETF Prime podcast drew to a close, Geraci introduces the topic of cryptocurrency. Ramp believes that digital currency offers potential returns but remains unsure about its future trajectory. While Hamtil takes a more reserved approach by being agnostic about cryptocurrency altogether and also revealing that he does not currently hold any positions in it.