How to Visualize Your Clients’ Assets and Financial Needs

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About This Episode

Asset-Map is a tool for financial professionals to visually map and provide feedback on their client’s financial picture. With better insights into a client’s financial inventory, advisors can help clients identify risks, opportunities and track progress to their financial goals. Adam Holt joins me to discuss Asset-Map and his vision for the future of technology-enabled advice delivery.

About Our Guest

H. Adam Holt, MBA, CFP, ChFC, HFC, the CEO and founder of Asset-Map, and a principal of the wealth management firm RubinGoldman and Associates. As a self-described "recovering financial planner," Adam brings 25 years of experience as a wealth manager for some of America's wealthiest households. Asset-Map has gained market share in the advice profession in the past few years and is now used by thousands of advisors to map the financial journeys of over a million people worldwide.

A sought-after speaker on international stages and a passionate advocate for advisors in the fintech space, Adam has mentored thousands of professionals through his mission to challenge the status quo which he commonly addresses on his Rethink Financial Advice podcast.

Show Notes

Here are some links for more information about Asset-Map:

  • Asset-Map’s company website
  • David Leo’s article on Asset-Map, How Asset-Map Serves a Multi-Service Financial Organization
  • Asset-Map’s Compass tool.

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