The Power of an Insourced CIO

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About This Episode

Helios was founded in 2016 with the goal of equipping advisors with new and relevant tools that could drastically improve their client's asset management experience, expand their firm's margins, and challenge the old-guard legacy providers as well as the emerging robos of Silicon Valley. Chris Shuba identified services that lacked innovation and were too expensive. He and his team created their own service category – the insourced CIO (iCIO), to provide three outcomes for a firm: differentiation, increased profitability and scale and efficiency.

About Our Guest

Chris Shuba is an experienced quantitative analyst and business owner. Frustrated by the availability of tools and services he viewed as crucial to all advisors, Shuba began focusing on developing mathematical models that could help financial advisors mitigate the volatility of the market. In 2014, Shuba joined an advisory firm to use a series of algorithms he designed and was met with immediate interest by a broad range of clients, in turn Helios Quantitative Research was born.

Show Notes

Here are some additional resources to learn more about Chris and Helios:

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