Beware of Technology Buzzwords

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About This Episode

The asset management industry is infected with buzzwords. Nowhere is that more obvious than in technology. Advisors are confronted with an array of labels like innovation, disruption, AI and deep learning. My guest is here to explain how providers of thematic technology ETFs are abusing industry buzzwords. You will learn how to inspect an ETF to prevent being victimized by “techwashing” – throwing buzzword labels on investment products with the goal of improving their marketing appeal but not necessarily their performance.

About Our Guest

Michael Loukas is principal & CEO of TrueMark. He has more than 20 years of industry experience. TrueMark is a provider of actively managed ETFs including the Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning (LRNZ) fund.

Previously, Michael served as president and CEO of USA Mutuals, where he was directly responsible for executing the company’s strategic vision on a day-to-day basis. Mr. Loukas was also a founding principal and CEO of WaveFront Capital Management in San Francisco, an institutional investment advisor that specializes in emerging markets and China. Over the course of his career, Michael has held similar leadership roles at several other alternative investment firms including Evolution Realty Capital, Thompson National Properties, the Kelmoore Investment Company, and Security Benefit. Mr. Loukas began his career with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and worked as an institutional equity salesman for CIBC Oppenheimer prior to moving into the registered investment company space. Mr. Loukas received a Bachelor of Arts in government & international politics with a minor in economics from Bowdoin College.

Show Notes

Here are links to the TrueShares web site and to the LRNZ fund page.

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