The Pervasive Effects of Uncompensated Risks

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About This Episode

Northern Trust Asset Management (NTAM) is a leading global investment manager with $1 trillion in assets under management. It released “The Risk Report” late last year, which is an aggregated analysis of 280 institutional equity portfolios across the globe. The report revealed six common drivers of unintended investment results. As an investment manager that employs a quantitative risk-aware approach, NTAM regularly partners with investors and their consultants to provide them with a distinct analysis of underlying risk components impacting their portfolios’ ability to achieve intended outcomes. Of utmost importance to our Advisor Perspectives listeners and readers, the findings of the research are as applicable to portfolios managed by advisors for individual investors as they are to institutional investors. NTAM does indeed serve individual advisors through a number of offerings, including Northern Mutual Funds, FlexShares ETFs, and Diversified Strategist model portfolios. NTAM’s purpose in conducting the research behind the Risk Report was to help investors make needed adjustments consistent with NTAM’s core philosophy, which is that investors should get paid for the risks they take – in all market environments and in any investment strategy.

About Our Guest

Here today to discuss the Risk Report is Mike Hunstad, NTAM’s chief investment officer of global equities. Mike, who along with his team conducted the research behind the Risk Report, serves on NTAM’s executive group and has oversight of all equity portfolio management, research and trading activities including quantitative, index and tax-advantaged strategies.

Previously, Mike was director of quantitative research where he was responsible for leading NTAM’s factor based research and product development programs. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics, an MBA in finance, an M.A. in econometrics and a bachelor's degree in economics.

Show Notes

Here is a link to The Risk Report. Here is a link to the previous podcast I did with Mike in 2019.

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