How Vanguard’s Advisor's Alpha Helps Advisors and Their Clients

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About This Episode

Over more than two decades, Vanguard Advisor's Alpha® has shown how advisors can add value, or alpha, through relationship-based services such as financial planning, discipline, and guidance, rather than by trying to outperform the market. Vanguard’s Investment Advisory Research Center, led by Fran Kinniry, is charged with exploring how advisors provide value to investors.

This year has served as a harsh reminder of why so many investors seek a trusted advisor to navigate their financial journeys. During market declines, investor emotions easily crowd out wisdom and long-term thinking. However, through financial planning and behavioral coaching, advisors can help investors improve their chances of reaching their long-term financial goals.

About Our Guest

Francis (Fran) Kinniry is a senior investment executive at Vanguard with a history of initiating and leading investment startups. Fran is currently the head of the Investment Advisory Research Center within Vanguard’s Financial Advisor Services department. The research center, launched in 2022, creates investment research and partners with the investment advisory community to continue the rapid diffusion of best-in- class investment, wealth management, and behavioral-coaching techniques. This research and partnership improve end-investor advisory results and optimizes the advisory practice outcomes.

Show Notes

Here are links to some resources from Vanguard’s research center:

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