Compelling Opportunities in the Muni Bond Market

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About This Episode

The fixed income market is on the verge of having its worst year of performance in several decades, and for many of us, the worst of our careers – but there are still fixed income opportunities for investors to consider. However, despite the challenging environment, opportunity has been created for long-term investors.

In our discussion, we want to share with you insight on a segment of the fixed income market that we believe presents an opportunity for investors – municipal bonds.

About Our Guest

Eric J Zubris, is an investment product specialist at MFS Investment Management® (MFS®), leading the retail fixed income product effort for municipals and emerging market debt. He works closely with the portfolio management teams and is responsible for communicating investment philosophy, process and the positioning of MFS fixed income investment strategies he covers, as well as communicating investment perspective to financial advisors, institutional clients and MFS’ sales force and relationship managers.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the MFS site.

Here are more links to find out about MFS and Fixed Income:

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