Why the FPA is Pursuing Title Recognition for Financial Planners

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About This Episode

If you want to call yourself a lawyer, doctor or accountant, you must adhere to strict regulatory requirements. Even electricians and plumbers must be properly licensed. But that is not and has not been true of financial planners. Anyone can call themselves a financial planner.

That is about to change.

On July 21, the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®), the leading membership organization and trade association for Certified Financial Planner™ professionals and those engaged in the financial planning process, announced that it will lead a multi-year advocacy effort to achieve the legal recognition of the term “financial planner” through title protection.

My guests today are the two individuals charged with implementing that decision.

About Our Guests

Dennis J. Moore, MBA, CFP® serves as the volunteer president of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA). He is also director of wealth management operations for Mercer Advisors, one of the nation’s largest independent RIAs and a firm that has been dedicated to financial planning since it was founded in 1985.

Patrick D. Mahoney is CEO and board secretary of the Financial Planning Association. He is an experienced CEO, association and business leader, and strategist with a background across diverse organizations in the financial services, technology, and mission-based sectors. He is recognized for building and mentoring diverse teams and creating growth strategies that integrate the passion and expertise of an organization's members, volunteer leaders, and employees to meet its goals and mission.

Show Notes

Here are some links to learn more about the FPA and what was discussed in this podcast:

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