The Toughest Questions Advisors Will Get From Clients

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About This Episode

Market volatility, inflation, and talk of a recession certainly has grabbed the headlines over the past few months. As financial planners, this is your chance to differentiate yourself as you walk your clients through turbulent times. My guests today form the leadership team for one of the country's most prominent planning firms, Integrated Financial Group (IFG), IFG consists of 60 teams of financial planners in 13 states. Founder and chief strategy officer, Don Patrick, and current CEO, Land Bridgers will share what their financial planners are doing right to help their clients navigate the headlines and the uncertainty of the economy. Focusing on financial planning is at the heart of this discussion, along with the conversations financial planners have had with their clients over the years to prepare for times such as this.

About Our Guests

Land Bridgers is CEO of Integrated Financial Group. Anyone who knows Land Bridgers sees his dedication and passion for helping those around him to achieve their goals and to reach their full potential. Land has been in the financial services industry since 2001 and joined IFG in 2013. Throughout his career, he has helped advisors all over the country with practice management and partnering with them to help them become business owners. It is Land’s greatest joy to see an advisor reach levels of success they never knew existed.

In 2020, Land took over the role of CEO from IFG’s founder, Don Patrick. Land’s vision, like Don’s, is for IFG to be here in 50 years with a consortium of independent financial advisors impacting clients lives and a culture of caring, sharing, and learning from each other. His goal is to help advisors collaborate, share ideas, and grow their businesses to make a significant impact on clients’ lives.

Don Patrick, MBA, is the founder & chief strategy officer of Integrated Financial Group. Don brings over four decades of experience advising and coaching individuals, professionals, and businesses in a wide range of financial matters from risk management, investments, and taxes, to general business consulting. As a business consultant to wealth managers, his overriding focus is to help advisors grow their business, run efficient practices, make more money, and have fun.

Under Don’s leadership, IFG has become one of the largest independent financial planning consortiums in Atlanta, with nearly $5.5 billion in brokerage and advisory assets through LPL Financial. With over 90 Consortium Members independently owning firms across 10 states, IFG forms a diverse, experienced and qualified group of professionals who deliver sound financial advice and strategies.

Show Notes

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