The Summer of Bear Markets

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About This Episode

The S&P 500 officially fell into bear market territory during the month of May, although a late month bounce allowed it to finish the month only slightly down from April. It is down about 2.5% thus far in June. The tone of the market has changed, and it doesn’t appear to be calming down anytime soon.

According to my guest today, Greg Taylor, when looking at the performance of the large-cap tech stocks, it was inevitable that the broader market would touch bear market levels. He is here to discuss the market environment, not just in equities, but across asset classes including gold and cryptocurrencies.

About Our Guest

Greg Taylor is the chief investment officer of Purpose Investments. A data-driven manager with a focus on managing risk through active-trading strategies, Greg specializes in finding and exploiting pockets of volatility in the market to drive returns.

Show Notes

Here are links to the two most recent macro commentaries by Greg: The Summer of Bear Markets, QT, and The Great Rotation and So Much for Seasonality

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