Engine No. 1 and Its Compelling Approach to ESG Investing

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About This Episode

As proxy season comes to a close, investors and advisors have grappled with company stewardship on a wide variety of issues. But what’s the best way to get a company to listen? Is divestment the way to go? Or must you engage with a company? And how do investors in ETFs and mutual funds make sure their voices are heard at the asset managers they invest with?

Engine No. 1 focuses on engaging with companies constructively to make sure they are taking the costs they impose on society and other stakeholders into account. It operates on the belief that climate and social concerns are economic issues and companies that fail to address them will underperform for the long term.

About Our Guest

Yasmin Dahya Bilger leads the firm’s ETF business and has spent her career in the capital markets and in building asset-management businesses.

Before joining Engine No. 1, Yasmin worked at J.P. Morgan Asset Management where she ran the US product specialist teams across factor-based, market cap, and model portfolio strategies. Previously, she was an ETF product strategy and development lead where she focused on the launch of new ETFs across all asset classes. She started her career at Goldman Sachs in Fixed Income Interest Rate and Macro Cross Asset Sales.

Yasmin received a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Engine No. 1’s ETF page where advisors can learn more about the firm’s funds, voting record, and strategy.

Here is a link to an article that was discussed about ESG rating services.

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