Achieving Diversity through Empathy and Authenticity

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About This Episode

Racial equity is imperative to ensure change in a world that is becoming more diverse. We all can lead with kindness and empathy when it comes to learning about the differences of others. We can’t continue to have conversations about racial equity that are not followed by actions that do more than level the playing field. C-suite executives are adding more DEI professionals to their leadership teams to drive internal changes. Organizations are promising upward mobility for Black and brown people. But they still do not see much representation. My guest today is Dana Wilson, and her goal is to enhance the visibility of financial professionals of color and break down barriers for Black and brown consumers around the country who have established wealth for their families or are looking to build it.

About Our Guest


Dana L. Wilson is a diversity and inclusion award winner and was named a "One To Watch" in Fintech by Money 20/20, a 2021 Trailblazer from Black Women In Media, and an experienced financial professional with over 15 years in the financial services industry. Dana is the founder & CEO of Changing How Individuals Prosper (CHIP), which is a B2B financial services marketplace that makes it easy to find Black and Latinx financial professionals.

Show Notes

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