Minisode - The Future for Options-Based Strategies

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About This Episode

The big story in the ETF industry over the last several years has been the growth of options-based strategies. Those products have accumulated assets at a rapid pace. They are offering advisors and their clients low-cost solutions that have return profiles, including downside protection and upside participation, that are not available in conventional strategies.

About Our Guest

JD Gardner’s firm Aptus Capital Advisors, is one of the innovators in options-based strategies. JD is the portfolio manager of Aptus, which he founded in 2013 to attack the behavior gap. Aptus is designed to merge theory with reality. An investor’s return is more important than an investment’s return, and Aptus delivers solutions designed to minimize behavioral inefficiencies and enhance outcomes. JD lives in lower Alabama with his wife Mallory and their 4 kids (JJ, Luke, Mims, & Silas).

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Aptus Capital Advisors web site. Here is a link to the previous podcast I did with JD.