How the Pandemic Disrupted the Global Asset Management Industry

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About This Episode

The Boston Consulting Group just released its 19th annual Global Asset Management report. The report, The $100 Trillion Machine, takes a look at some of the most promising ways that asset managers can become private market investment leaders in a post-pandemic economy, including developing products for retail investors, gaining an edge in advanced data and analytics, and moving to the forefront of ESG strategies for private-market portfolios.

About Our Guest

Consulting Group, based in its New York office. She joined BCG in 2006. For the last 14 years, she has specialized in asset management and retirement. She works closely with clients across strategy and transformation, strategic partnerships, operations, and technology. Additionally, Lubasha is the lead for BCG's retirement work and is responsible for BCG's Global Asset Management knowledge team. She was also the lead author of BCG's annual Global Asset Management report.

Show Notes

Here is a link to BCG’s 2021 Global Asset Management report.