Minisode - An Inside Look at Innovator’s Success

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About This Episode

One of the great success stories in the ETF industry over the last several years is Innovator Capital Management. Since its launch four years ago, it has accumulated approximately $5.2 billion in assets in the 70 ETFs it offers. It has led the ETF industry in the development and commercialization of defined-outcome ETFs, and has built a suite of unique, risk-protection strategies for advisors and their clients covering all the major asset classes.

About Our Guest

John Southard is the co-founder and CIO of Innovator Capital Management. He oversees its research initiatives, portfolio management and trading operations. He was the co-founder of PowerShares Capital Management, LLC and T2 Capital Management, LLC, a commercial real estate private equity company.

Show Notes

Here is a link for more information about Innovator Capital Management.