Minisode - The Mother of All Recoveries

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About This Episode

My guest today, Ken McAtamney, says we are witnessing the “Mother of All Recoveries,” with yearly growth at a level not seen in decades. He expects this recovery to last years, not months or quarters. Unlike the post-global financial crisis recovery, he says this cycle will likely be driven by domestic demand, not relying on China’s stimulus to drive the global economy. I am going to ask Ken about what led him to this forecast.

About Our Guest

Ken McAtamney is a partner, the head of the global equity team and a portfolio manager for William Blair’s International Growth, Global Leaders, and International Leaders strategies. He is also a member of the Investment Management leadership team. He was previously co-director of research and a mid-large-cap industrials and healthcare analyst.

Show Notes

Here is a link to more information about the William Blair International Leaders Fund. Here is a link to the commentary Ken wrote, The Mother of All Recoveries.