Unprecedented stimulus fuels market distortion

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About the Episode

An experiment that started in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis is now entering its second decade, as fiscal and monetary stimulus pours liquidity into the markets. Todd Thompson, CFA, Managing Director and Portfolio Co-Manager at Reams Asset Management, wonders whether policymakers will ever be able to pull away the punchbowl. Todd joins Steve Masarik, CFA and Portfolio Specialist, to discuss how stimulus is distorting markets now and what may happen when the bill comes due.

About our Guests

Todd Thompson is a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager and leads the fixed-income credit research team at Reams Asset Management. He is also a Co-Portfolio Manager to the Carillon Reams Bond Funds, which Reams subadvises for its parent company Carillon Tower Advisers.

Steve Masarik is a Senior Vice President and Client Portfolio Manager responsible for representing Reams Asset Management. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), and Energy Risk Professional (ERP) designations.