Deep value strikes back

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About the Episode

Value came roaring back in late 2020 after years of growth dominance. But the next strategic play for investors might not be at either style extreme. Steve Singleton, Head of Risk for Carillon Tower Advisers, joins Matt Orton, CFA, Director and Portfolio Specialist, to discuss tactics.

About our Guest

Steve Singleton serves as Head of Risk for Carillon Tower Advisers. He oversees a team that helps Carillon’s affiliates and their investment teams evaluate and monitor risk in their portfolios. Before joining Carillon in 2020, he served as Director of Equities/Quantitative Research at Blaylock Van LLC and Chief Investment Officer at SPI Strategies. He has more than 35 years of financial industry experience. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics/economics from Claremont McKenna College (formerly Claremont Men’s College).