Minisode - Market Euphoria – How Long Can It Last?

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About This Episode

On February 11, 2020, my guests published a paper titled, “The Next Bear Market” while U.S. stock prices were at all-time highs and climbing daily to new records. At that time, the prospect of a bear market seemed distant. But eight days later, the steepest stock market descent in history began, with the S&P 500 Index falling 34% during a five-week period. We will discuss their new commentary, “Market Euphoria – How long can it last?”

About Our Guest

I am joined by the two principals of 3EDGE Asset Management. Steve Cucchiaro is its president and chief investment officer. Fritz Folts is the chief investment strategist at 3EDGE Asset Management.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the 3EDGE web site, where you can find more information about Steve, Fritz, their team and the services they offer. Here is a link to the commentary we discussed, Market Euphoria: How Long Can it Last?