How to Avoid the IRA Tax Time Bomb

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About This Episode

Take your retirement account and divide it by half. This is the real amount that you have saved for retirement. Taxes can cut your retirement funds in half, according to Ed Slott, the nationally recognized IRA and retirement planning expert, founder of and author of the forthcoming book, The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb: How to Take Financial Control, Avoid Unnecessary Taxes and Combat the Latest Threats to Your Retirement Savings.

About Our Guest

Ed was called “the best source of IRA advice” by the Wall St. Journal. In his book, he offers a complete action plan that takes into account the new and revised tax laws – from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to the SECURE Act and CARES Act. The book covers all of the new retirement, tax, estate law changes and provisions enacted . . . including the elimination of the Stretch IRA. Plus, it will be available well ahead of tax day on April 15!

Show Notes

Here is a link to, where you can find more information about Ed and the services he offers for advisors and investors. You can start reading about Ed’s book, which will be released in March and you can pre-order here.