How to Target 7% Annual Retirement Distributions

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About This Episode

Meeting cash flow needs through distributions is challenging, with Treasury yields at rock-bottom levels and investors enduring widespread dividend cuts this year. Trying to generate a meaningful yield means unacceptable credit risk at a time when the bankruptcies are getting announced following months of government-mandated shutdowns. For investors looking to fund their day-to-day lives, a better approach is to focus on maximizing risk-adjusted returns to meet individual cash flow needs.

Target-distribution strategies, such as those developed by my guest today, leverage a modern-portfolio theory approach focused on risk-adjusted returns to deliver steady cash flow to investors while maintaining the principal over the long-run.

About Our Guest

Matthew Patterson is a co-founder of Bryant Avenue Ventures LLC, the creator of the Nasdaq 7 HANDL Index. In 2018 Bryant Avenue Ventures partnered with Strategy Shares to launch the Nasdaq 7 HANDL Index ETF, the first target-distribution ETF. Matt previously co-founded Accretive Asset Management LLC, the creator of BulletShares Indexes, which have raised more than $13 billion under license since their launch in 2010.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the HANDLS web site, where you can find more information about Matt’s firms and its solutions.