Minisode: Using Annuities in a Recession

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About This Episode

With the economic and market uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, investors, especially those nearing retirement, are looking to protect their savings. They need to guard the wealth that they worked hard to build. That has led to a growing interest in certain types of annuities that provide shelter against market volatility and offer the promise to grow one’s wealth and income.

About Our Guest

David Hanzlik is the vice president of annuity and retirement solutions at CUNA Mutual Group, where he brings a relentless energy, passion and focus to developing solutions that help guarantee consumers a brighter financial future through simplicity and accessibility. Trained as an actuary, David leverages a financial discipline and a concern for his clients’ long-term risk. He leads CUNA Mutual's retirement and annuity product management, including the development of its structured annuity offerings, the fastest growing segment of the annuity industry space in the United States.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the CUNA Mutual web site, where you can find more information about its annuities.